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Please listen and buy an album or two or all three. 

Just like me, my music is not perfect but I hope each song touches your heart!  I have written these songs over the years and many have asked me to put them in an album form.  I did the best I could with what I have to work with.  I hope to have another album out soon. 

I hope you enjoy them and thank you for your loving support!

Most Sincerely,

Scott Payne

1. Here Lies This Mighty Nation
2. When
3. Love Finds Away
4. Love Power
5. My Lady Loves Me
6. This Is The First Day
7. Music In My Blood
8. Throw The Ball
9. To Tame The Wild
10. With You Again
11. You May Be Gone
12. We Can! We Will!

1. Don't Worry About Tomorrow
2. You Changed My Life
3. The Great God Almighty
4. Lead Me To My Heart
5. Bad Thang
6. I Do Know You
7. Jesus You're My Savior
8. I'm Gonna Win
10. Stay Away From Unholy Stories
11. This Is The First Day
12. Victims Of The Night
13. In His Eyes
14. We Are The Same
15. When I'm On My Knees
16. Will I Find Any Faithful
17. We Live To Die

1. I Give You My Life
2. A Breath Of Fresh Air
3. A Hollow Life
4. Come And Lay By My Side
5. Faith Was A Girl
6. Hold On
7. Going Down The Road
8. Hands Of Time
9. A Hollow Life (w/ guitar & harmony)
10. I Can! I Will!
11. Lady In The Letter

The Man for The Event!
Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Parties, Reunions, Funerals, or any other event you have in mind
A True Entertainer:
Scott does not just sing a song: he performs the song and delivers the emotions straight to your heart.  Scott is a true professional entertainer who can be serious and completely sincere when the situation calls for it.  All at the same time he is one of the most positive and funny people you will ever meet!  Once you meet Scott you will feel like you have known him all your life.
What He Sings:
Almost all styles of music: Country, Rock, Blues, Classical, Christian, Comedy songs and he also sings orignal songs he has written that have been the #1 choice of many for various occasions.
How He Sings:
Scott has a wide range and a versatile voice and can sing from Alan Jackson to the Bee Gees and he sounds great!  Scott has a very strong voice, so strong he does not even need a mic to sing to hundreds of people but can also sing the softest and tenderest of songs that will touch your heart!  For most occasions, Scott will sing and perform with prerecorded music but also plays the guitar and piano if more of a personal or intimate touch is desired.
Scott's wife Anna is also a professional singer with awards and has joined Scott in singing various duets throughout the years for many special events and occasions.
What He Does For You:
Scott can be the Master of Ceremonies, DJ or KJ (Karoake DJ, you and your friends can sing).  Scott will visit with you to find the songs you want for your special occasion.  If he does not have the songs, he will get them for you and organize them in the order you want.  Scott is very easy to work with and will help you in every way he can to make your event the best it can be!
His Experience:

Scott has sung for many different events throughout his life.  He has performed on stage many times in: Duets, Quartets, Groups, bands (Christian, rock, country, classical, etc.), as a solo act and has had the privilege of singing for many different distinguished people including past Presidents of our nation.  He has had a multiyear contract with a professional recording company and has also helped to record and promote other talents on the radio.  Scott has written and copy written hundred's of songs and has had one on the charts and more than one on the radio and has co-written songs for other professional singers.  Scott was just recently dubbed the Official Music Director for the Continental Congress and performed at the Texas State Capital for the Articles of Freedom Rally. 

Scott has everything he needs to perform for a small group or for hundreds:  Sound system with concert speakers, mics, laptop, guitar, piano, receiver, reverb etc.
If you hire Scott you are hiring a true professional and a man of integrity who keeps his commitments in a timely manner.  Scott will dress in your chosen attire.  He will never be a no show or just another person you have to manage which has been the experience of many when hiring others.
 Thanks For Your Consideration!


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